Speech Pathology

Our clinics in Osborne Park and Fremantle are here to help children, adolescents and adults who are having difficulty with their speech, language development, learning, general communication, or written English.
Our ability to communicate affects everything we do including how we interact with others, how we learn, and how we project ourselves both in speech and writing.

Children may have difficulty learning these skills. Some will find it difficult to speak clearly, some will learn language slowly or may stutter. Others may speak without problems but have difficulties with reading, writing, or spelling.
Adults may have their ability to communicate impaired due to illness or an accident, by a stutter or they may want to reduce an accent so that they can be understood more easily. 

All these conditions in children and adults can be assessed and treated with Speech Pathology. In our clinics we use internationally accredited tests to evaluate a wide range of voice, speech, and learning difficulties in adults and children.

Speech Pathology - children and adolescents

Speech Pathology can start early when babies need help to feed, to develop language appropriate for their age, have problems learning the sounds of speech or develop an impediment such as a stutter or lisp. Speech Pathology helps those who are struggling to learn to read and write at school, as well as the high functioning children who are not reaching their potential.

Speech Pathology also helps children whose speech is difficult to understand, who have problems organising oral movement, or have a persistent lisp or stutter, right through to adolescents who are struggling with their English assignments. 

Speech Pathology - adults

Adults may have voice problems caused by their work environment, or have learning difficulties that have persisted since they were young which affect their ability to communicate in the workplace or social situations. Communication skills problems can also be caused illness such as a stroke, other neurological conditions, or by an accident.

It is not uncommon for adults to simply want their speech to become clearer, to change an accent, become better communicators or to change their voice production and tone for changed life situations.

Speech Pathology - A multidisciplinary approach

Our many years of experience has demonstrated that sometimes the best results are achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of problems. We work closely with medical and other allied health professionals as well as schools and educational specialists, audiologists and psychologists when it is appropriate.

Our Speech Pathology practice

We are a long established Speech Pathology practice and have been providing help to our clients since 1983 and now have the children of previous clients come to see us.
Nikki Blond and Adele Jane are both experienced practitioners who are mothers and understand the practical difficulties you face

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Are you, your child or a loved one having difficulty communicating?
Contact Nikki or Adele on 9444 0481 in Osborne Park Mondays to Fridays
and Nikki on 9430 4199 in Fremantle on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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